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CodeCup 2022 - An online programming competition  

CodeCup 2022 - An online programming competition

Welcome to CodeCup!

We offer you a challenging programming contest. Anybody can participate; there are no age restrictions or other special requirements. The CodeCup never charges entry fees.

In 2022 the game for the contest is Spaghetti. We have placed a description of the rules online. You can always watch a sample game being played.

To start playing with the game Spaghetti, you can download an interactor made by Emil Riedeman where you can play against yourself or other programs, by running the spaghetti.jar in the zip file.


After you login in to the CodeCup system you can submit your program. You can find the submission section under "My submissions". Your submission will be tested automatically against our sample players to ensure that it follows the rules. After passing this check your program is ready to compete! Note that your program must be capable of playing both as blue and red.

We will hold test competitions every three weeks starting at the end of September. In these competitions you will see how your program performs against other players. You can follow the complete games and use this information to improve your strategy.

The official Spaghetti competition has been played on January 22nd 2022. You can go directly to the final ranking of the programs.

Testing at home - Caia

The CodeCup Team enables you to test your program at home. Our testing software is free and enables you to organize competitions at home without involvement of other people. The software to play at home is called Caia. It works in the same way as our contest software. By hosting your own local competition you can test and improve your program in a fast and easy way. Download Caia and start today!


The final of the CodeCup 2022 took place on Saturday 22 January 2022. In total 56 participants submitted a player. We were delighted to see many new entrants this year, including new CodeCup winner Tapani Utriainen. He won all the test competitions he entered, so it was no surprise that he ended up winning the last match as well. Congratulations to Tapani! For Dutch secondary school students, we always organize a competition within a competition. They wrote programs for Spaghetti as part of the National Informatics Olympiad. This year Joël Vermeulen won that competition with his program Spaghetti_eater_7. Congratulations to him too! In the last week of December, CodeCup's organizers have been working on the new game for 2023. Again, we think we've prepared something really special for you. We hope to publish the new challenge very very soon...