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CodeCup 2018 - An online programming competition  

CodeCup 2018 - An online programming competition

Welcome to CodeCup!

We offer you a challenging programming contest. Anybody can participate; there are no age restrictions or other special requirements. The CodeCup never charges entry fees.

In 2018 the game for the contest is Blackhole. We have placed a description of the rules online. You can always watch a sample game being played.


After you login in to the CodeCup system you can submit your program. You can find the submission section under "My submissions". Your submission will be tested automatically against our sample players to ensure that it follows the rules. After passing this check your program is ready to compete! Note that your program must be capable of playing both as red and blue.

We will hold test competitions every three weeks starting at the end of September. In these competitions you will see how your program performs against other players. You can follow the complete games and use this information to improve your strategy.

The official Blackhole competition has been played on January 19th 2018.You can go directly to the final ranking of the programs.

Testing at home - Caia

The CodeCup Team enables you to test your program at home. Our testing software is free and enables you to organize competitions at home without involvement of other people. The software to play at home is called Caia. It works in the same way as our contest software. By hosting your own local competition you can test and improve your program in a fast and easy way. Download Caia and start today!


The rules of the CodeCup game 2019 are published! The game is called Flippo because with each move a lot of stones will flip. You can flip the stones of your opponent to your own colour, but it is also possible that you are forced into a situation that you must flip a lot of your own stones as well! When Ludo will be back from his vacation he will also publish the example game and the Caia tarballs, will the submission section be opened and will Blackhole be archived. The final will be held on 19 January 2019. In contradiction to the last years all scheduled competitions will start at 06:00 UTC. Like in 2018, Dutch students will participate in this CodeCup for points for the first round of the national Olympiad in Informatics. One of them could even be the winner. We hope that we will have a lot of contestants and we wish you al lot of fun with programming Flippo!

It is possible that the forum cannot be reached anymore. Deleting the CodeCup cookies might solve this problem. We have changed one of the settings in the cookies.