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CodeCup 2010 - An online programming competition  

CodeCup 2010 - An online programming competition

Download Amazes mazes

The CodeCup system uses different Amazes maps to play games. The reason for having different maps is that we use a unknown map during the (test) competitions. The unknown maps will be available after a competition has been started.
To avoid confusion during the test fase, each test is performed on a randomly chosen map. So, it's not very useful to analyse the maps at home. This must be done during the game.


The first line contains the starting position and orientation of the red player. The first coordinate is a 1-based row offset (a.k.a. y), the second coordinate is the column offset (a.k.a. x). The third part is the orientation of the player. 1,1 encodes the upper left square, 1,25 the upper right, 25,1 the lower left and 25,25 encodes lower right square.

The second line contains the same information for the blue player. The next 51 lines describe the map. The odd lines encode 25 horizontal walls each, the even lines encode 26 vertical walls each.


Currently there are 10 maps:

Mazes of finished competitions

Here you can download the mazes used in finished competitions. We'll add the mazes to the website after each competitions has been finished. Click the links "download mazes" to expand a list of available maze files.
We generate 30 maze files each competition, but we might use less in the actual competition. Maze01.txt is used for the first competition round, maze02.txt for the second, etc.